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A Knocked-out Tooth
Achilles Tendon Rupture
Advice for Travel Abroad
Ankle Injuries
Anti-inflammatory Painkillers
Broken Arm (Upper)
Burns and Scalds
Care of Rib Injuries
Common Dislocations
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Cramps in the Leg
Cuts (Lacerations)
Dealing with Breathing Problems
Dealing with Eye Injuries
Dealing with Fractures
Dealing with Hyperglycaemia (High Blood Sugar)
Dealing with Hypoglycaemia (Low Blood Sugar)
Dealing with Poisoning
Dealing with Shock
Dealing with a Baby who is Unresponsive
Dealing with a Child who is Unresponsive
Dealing with a Heart Attack
Dealing with a Nosebleed
Dealing with a Stroke
Dealing with an Adult who is Unresponsive
Dealing with an Allergic Reaction
Dealing with the Effects of Cold
Dealing with the Effects of Heat
Dog and Cat Bites
Ears and Flying
Epilepsy - Dealing with a Tonic-clonic Seizure
Extradural Haematoma
Hamstring Injuries
Head Injury Instructions
Heat and Ice Treatment for Pain
Hip Fracture
Human Bites
Insect Bites and Stings
Knee Ligament Injuries
Mallet Finger
Meniscal Tears (Knee Cartilage Injuries)
Metatarsalgia (Metatarsal Injury)
Paracetamol Poisoning
Pelvic Fractures
Post-concussion Syndrome
Scaphoid Wrist Fracture
Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome)
Slipped (Prolapsed) Disc
Spinal Disc Problems (including Red Flag Signs)
Sports Injuries
Sprains and Strains
Strong Painkillers (Opioids)
Subdural Haematoma
Tennis Elbow
Topical Anti-inflammatory Painkillers
Whiplash Neck Sprain
Wound Infection